Noob question

hey everyone,
i’m considering moving over to asterisk. i’m very new to linux and PBX stuff, but i’m gonna try. can someone look over my setup and let me know if everything looks good before i get going? i’d really appreciate it.

•i have a dell tower, its a L500CX. 500 mhz, and like 64 or 128 MB of RAM.
•i’m going to throw a copy of Ubuntu on it.
•i’m going to purchase the Wildcard TE411P, and install it.
•and finally, i’m going to download Asterisk.

does everything look ok? especially the hardware part, i need to make sure it will work with my system.


I can’t comment on the specifics of the hardware as i’ve never used it myself, but it looks ok. It’s bit light on the RAM though. It depends on what you want to do with it, of course, but personally i wouldn’t even consider using less than 256MB RAM - and the more the better.

Have a read of this book: … +Telephony

More than enough power to test, a little more ram would be good. Probably not enough to actually do major call volume with, but I’ve run it on less.

If you are new to Asterisk, do yourself a favor and download the ISO of Asterisk@home. Will save you hours of fiddling and postings to try and make it work. Put the disk in the CD drive, press “ENTER” to begin the installation, go get some lunch, should be all done and ready to use when you get back.

lol, sounds good to me. yeah, see this is basically just an excuse for me to learn a thing or two about linux and VoIP. i’m not expecting a huge call volume. it’s more of a personal line, where people are given the option to be transferred to my cell phone, or leave me a voicemail. :smiley:

i do have one other question…

i may want to set up extensions for my house. i have three wired phones, and one cordless, all running on one phone line. with that hardware device, and the magnificant power of asterisk, is it possible to give each phone their own private number?

oh yeah, and can anyone confirm that the hardware peice will work with my L500CX?

thanks a ton, this is a huge help.

TE411P. No. not in your case.

That is for a quad T1/E1 Line that you would get from the phone company. That particular card is probably $2000.

TDM400P is probably more along the lines of what you want, and you could technically allow each phone to be their own extension, but you would be limited by the number of ports on the card to the number of individual phones you wanted to have with unique numbers. Also, if you have an inbound call to your asterisk server, your going to need another line to make the outbound call on.

An alternative is to buy an ATA (analog telephony adapter) for each phone. … e+Adapters

Yes, you can set up seperate extensions for each of the telephones. I would recommend using ATA’s rather than FXS modules on the TDM400P card. They tend to be just a little bit cheaper, and you’re not limited to 4 lines.

One other note: if you want to forward calls to your cell-phone you’re gonna need 2 phone lines. One to handle the incoming call, and one to transfer the call out to your cell-phone service.

ok, great. i have two phone lines, so i can do that. anyway, i looked on ebay, and it looks like that hardware peice is around $200. is there anything available for less? my friend briefly mentioned that there were cheap internal cards for like $50, or something. i only need it to have 2 ports.