Bandwidth per call


I’m helping a friend install Asterisk, and all they can get is a 1/2 - 2 Mbps ADSL broadband line so they’re going to be able to achieve something like 62KB/s - 250 KB/s bandwidth.

This also has to sit with some internet surfing at the same time, although no downloads, just visiting websites.

Now i’m spoiled with my 20 Meg line :smiley: and i’m only now realising what bandwidth i might need to support each simultaneous call.

They’ll be using SIP accounts from Asterisk to something like and X-Lite to his Asterisk box.

Any ideas,

On that line, I would guess 1 call would be the limit.

And with browsing contention, you’ll likely notice some degradation. Routers with QOS services would help here.

Depending on the codec chosen you’ll need bandwidth of between 30 Kbps to as much as 85 Kbps per call. (Considering the codec, and all of the packet overhead.)

Thanks for that Dufus, BTW whats the quality like with a 30KB/s codec?

The only one I know that can go that low is G.729, however, the other end has to be licensed to support it. You’re not likely to get something like that.

You’re pretty much at the mercy of whatever your provider will support. You should investigate that first, and then make a codec decision.

Yeah i’m using I appreciate the help, I’ll go and bug them now! :smiley: See what they support.