Asterisk on hosted server?

Hi –

I’ve been developing a small message broadcast application using a@h on vmplayer and test outgoing call on a standard 2mb line capping calls to 20 at a time (each message about 10k each). The application will be used for appointment reminders for some of my customers.

I really need to move this off windows and onto a linux box but don’t know if I need to go virtual hosted linux box, full hosted linux box or rent a t1 line.

Does anyone know if it’s feasable to put this on a virtual hosted linux server (cheapest option) and still maintain 20+ or more concurrent out going calls? I am unsure how these hosted companies cap their upload bandwidth (most charge by the month)?


it may be possible to put something like this on a virtual colo machine, but do you want to take the chance of someone elses process running wild and killing the CPU?

as far as colocation, there are companies that offer boxes and bandwidth where you get a billed based on average bandwidth vs transfer. so you could get say a box w/ 1meg/s of bandwidth … I’ll leave it to you to do the transfer vs codec vs length of call math…

also, you might try checking around for asterisk vPBX people they may have a service you could use for this