Just installed Asterisk1.6.2.4 and need help to configure it

Hi to all,
Hope you all will be fine. I just installed asterisk 1.6.2 on my centos5.4 system and i want that my asterisk is capable of doing certain things. Actually i am not fully well known of asterisk that’s why i need you people help.

First i have a MySQL database named "asterisk" on another server having IP xx.xx.xxx.xxx.In this database i have user's name, their extensions, their email addresses and their phone numbers(mobile). Now i want that when i call or connect to my asterisk either by softphone or by landline an ivr run which says. "Hello from netkarachi.com if you want to listen your messages then press * and if you want to talk to a person or leave a message please dial the extension of the person" and as i enter the extension it will go to my data base and check whether the extension exist or not. If not then simply says "extension not exist or wrong extension please dial the correct one" and if user didn't dial any extension with in some time say 10 sec then asterisk automatically hang up. 
If extension exist then try to connect to person and if person is unavailable then asterisk says "person is unavailable please leave a message", then you record a voice message and this message(.wav file) must go to the person's email address and also a sms go to the person's cell phone that "you receive a voice mail please check your mailbox". Here i want to ask another thing that is it also possible to send the voice message(.wav file) directly to person's cell phone. Means let say the message is such like "you receive a voice mail either check your mail box by calling the landline number.You have this voice message also in your netkarachi account([user@netkaarchi.com](mailto:user@netkaarchi.com)) and if you want to listen this message rightnow press dial (for example # or any number that i want) to listen it.

On the other side if user press * then it ask for user extension and password and then say you have say 4 new messages press 1 for new messages and when user press 1 then it must tell the name of the person which send the message and also at which time and which date it leave the message and then play the message and after playing it says press this to repaet the message press this to lay the next message press this to send this message to another user press this to delete the message and so on and finally press this to exit.

Second i want that my asterisk is also capable of sending and receiving faxes to my users(the users exist on my database)
Third i want to provide voice and video conferencing
Fourth i also want to implement asterisk billing.

I have an idea of dial plans and files like sip.conf, extension.conf, zaptel.conf. zapata.conf, res_mysql.conf althoug not full flash knowledge of these files but i have an good idea, if you people guide me then certainly i am able to do things.

I have an TDM400P card with 4 analog ports.Right now i didn’t enter it into the slot but i have it. I want to ask that is it possible to do all things using softphones(X lite) and then in the end i enter the card in the slot. I know you people certainly want to ask why don’t you insert it right now but i am just asking.

I know i asked too many things but i also know that all this things are possible and can easily be implement using asterisk.
Please help me because i want to finish it as soon as possible.
I did all the things by reading it from this link.
voip-info.org/wiki/view/Cent … stallation
I have done all the steps before

Because i don’t know whether to create the tables and do other things because i already have a database with whom i want to connect my asterisk

You are better off reading this Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, 2nd Edition e-book.