I'm not completely certain about how I should go about this

Ok, I have a basic understanding about how I should configure this but I am hoping that someone who is more experienced can give me a helping hand. I would like to create a small asterisk server as a voicemail machine for when me and my family are on holiday. The idea is quite simple, we all have different numbers and I would like the Asterisk server to:
[li]Answer an incoming call on any of the lines[/li]
[li]Distinguish from the number (last three digits are different on each) which person it is for[/li]
[li]Play the message associated with that person’s voicemail[/li]
[li]Record the caller’s message[/li]
[li]Email the message (in wav format) to the person whom it is for[/li][/ol]
I’d like it to be configured through mysql so that I can make changes without having to reboot/rehash the server. Can anyone give me a rough guide/outline what I need to do?

Thanks allot in advance.

Use the DNID value to determine what number was dialled by the
Configure the voicemail for each person using the persons # in voicemail.conf. Also mention the person’s email-id so that the voicemail
can be sent as an attatchment.

In the extensions.conf you can play a message that the person is on holiday
and leave a voicemail for the person.

You can find more details about RDNIS, Voicemail.conf and extensions.conf by searching on voip-info.org