Need Help on Extensions

Cant remeber how to do this. Have a pri coming into asterisk. Using asterisk as voicemail server. How to route incoming calls to correct voicemailbox. recieving 10 digits. I know its simple just cant remeber how to do it. :smiley:

exten => 5555555555,1,Voicemail(5555555555,u)

Thanks for the info. But remeber there was a way to do it something like

exten => Nxxxxxxxxx,1,Voicemail($exten)
but cant remeber exactly how it went setting this up for the whole nxx so was wanting to keep from having to create a line for each number.

i think you have to create a separate line for each of your voicemail boxes in voicemail.conf.
anyway if you have this big number of voicemails you can simply run a script to generate this file for you.

I have the script for the voicemail and have generated the mailboxes for voicemail.conf. Just trying to figure out the extensions.conf part I have done this before but has been a few years ago just cant remeber the syntax for the extensions.conf file to match the incoming number and send to voicemail by the dialed number

after generating all voicemail boxes in viocemail.conf what you have to do basically is to go to your extensions.conf and then under your incoming context try something like:
exten => _Nxxxxxxxx,1,voicemail(${EXTEN}@YourviocemailContext)
this should work.
Notice: you should have callerID feature at your incoming lines.
try it and let me know

Worked great thank you very much. Actuall just used _x. since I may add another nxx in the future and I control both sides of the trunk.

Thanks again :smiley: