IVR using Digium TDM400P

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if is possible the creation of a IVR using a Digium TDM400P. I was thinking about using this board with 4 FXS ports, which will be connected to my PBX. When any extension connected to the board receive a call, the call will be redirected to a menu and then the call will be transfer to other extensions connected to this PBX depending the option selected. My idea is make a system like VoiceGuide software, but I wanna know if I can do it with Asterisk.
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It would be unusual for a third party PBX to interface to an FXS module. Normally they would be the foreign exchange and require an FXO module.

The basic problem with analogue lines is the lack of adequate supervision signalling, so you may well find that calls are not clearing, or that you are assuming the answer prematurely.

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david551 thank you for your reply.
Here is my scenario…

Can Asterisk fulfill the role of the “3rd company IVR” using the Digium TDM400P board with 4 FXS ports?

I assume Analogic is not a brand name, but is really analogue.

If the host supports hook flash recall, it can probably do it, but doing anything sophisticated on analogue lines is not particularly advisable, because of the lack of suitable signalling. In particular, you should not rely on being able to detect when a caller hangs up prematurely, and you will need to do blind transfers, without the ability to rescue a call that ends up on a busy line.

You would need to use the SendDTMF application to send hook flash, followed by the digits for the new destination, and then hang up.

An early hangup may result in your initiating a call on the incoming line which rings once or twice then goes away, and will present the Asterisk caller ID, not the original caller ID. (Actually, you are likely to present the Asterisk caller ID even if everything works.)

The best support for transfers is probably using SIP, VoIP, “trunks”.

Best practice for connecting an IVR device to something that only supports analogue is to use an analogue trunk, not a subscriber line.

You may, of course, find that the existing IVR system has all these limitations.

Thank you again david551!
Sorry about “analogic” word, English is not my main language so sometimes I fail some words: joy:
So I can not monitored transfers on analogue extensions using Asterisk?
Do you think a solution like VoiceGuide software? Because if I can not monitored transfers with Asterisk then I can not set a group of extensions to answer a call.

You can transfer on analogue extensions, but, for any serious use, you should not be trying to do so, whether using Asterisk, or anything else.

The Transfer Application won’t work, but you can use SendDTMF, with the special “f” digit, for hook flash, to mimic what a real person would do.

The host PABX must support hook flash recall, as Asterisk cannot do earth recall.