VOIP to Analog Call Forwarding

I am new to Asterisk and have some needs I hope Asterisk can supply. I tried googling the answer but not sure if I am using correct verbage / search terms.

I have a TDM400P with an FXS and FXO port. I would like to recieve an analog call to the asterisk server and then forward that call to a VOIP softphone. In reverse, would it also be possible to use that same VOIP softphone to dial out through my asterisk server?

The two scenarios I would like to accomplish

  1. Incoming Call (analog line) -> Convert to VOIP and transferred to remote location softphone.

  2. From remote location softphone dial into Asterisk server and dial out of the analog (telco line)

Basically, would like to transfer calls to home or on the road and be able to from the road use my analog lines to make calls from my soft phone. This way I get my caller ID information passed along to third parties. Other then softphones, all phones would be traditional analog phones.

Yes, sure.


Marco Bruni

Without any additional, hardware, software or third party providers?

Also, if I has two FXS ports and two telephone lines. Could a call coming in on line one, then be forwarded to a remote location? Also, could the remote location dial into the asterisk server, and then, be able to using the other line make a call? (example)

Dial in to server from remote location to line (fxs line 1) -> some kind of tone or voice telling user to dial number to call -> asterisk dials out on other fxs line 2 -> User from location now connected to answered call on fxs 2

Yes, the TDM400P is enough.


Not clear…to dial out to the pstn fxo lines are used, not fxs, fxs are for phones.


Marco Bruni


thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

I do not think I was as clear on the last part as I should have been.


I want to call into the office from a remote location.
Then, use one of the lines at the office to call someone. This way, when I want to call from a remote location my caller ID information will show up. Basically, the asterisk server will just be routing calls for me and allowing me to dial out from the office when I am remote.


Ok, I confirm it can be done.


Marco Bruni

lol :smile: Thanks. Now, where are those directions and if could could just get Fedora installed on one of these pieces of junk extra servers I could be in business.