IVR on Asterisk IVR and analog line

I need to realize a IVR with asterisk where I have only one analog line PSTN and a linux server on LAN.
I thought to use a PSTN gateway where I can put the external analog line and rotate the calls on linux server with asterisk and IVR, after I wanted come back to:

  • gateway and after a single analog device;
  • possible VOIP phone;

Someone can help me about the configuration?Is it correct?
Please an advice, What kind of gateway device can I buy for this configuration?

thank you

Please, someone can I help me?

Sorry if I have misunderstood you but basically you need an Analog card (i.e. sangoma.com/products/a200-2- … ice-board/) in your system.

Pointers on how to achieve your goal:

asteriskdocs.org/en/3rd_Edit … index.html
asteriskdocs.org/en/3rd_Edit … 97307.html

–Satish Barot

Thank for the answer and sorry about my lack of knowledge on this subject, but can I use a external VoIP Gateway and Asterisk for IVR? For example with one FXS and one, two or three FXO.
What do you recommend?

I think for example Cisco SPA232D Multi-Line DECT ATA, Cisco SPA3102 or similar

If you only have one inbound analog line (PSTN), you can only have one inbound (or outbound) call. That would only require one FXO port. The ATA may be overkill for the number of lines. If you had a PRI, then a Sip Gateway would be good, or just a digital Digium card for the Asterisk server. On the inside, you could either use SIP phones or have FXS ports/cards for analog phones.