Asterisk using Only PSTN

Hello everyone. New here and looking for some help.

Is it possible to use Asterisk on a server and only use the PSTN? If so, how can I do this?

Is it possible to use a Cisco (or other brand) ATA to connect the PSTN telco lines to my network or do I have to use a VoIP service provider with these devices?

If it is not possible to use the ATA devices, is there another alternative so I won’t have to purchase a FXO/FXS card for the server?

I want to set this up for my small office, which only has 4 PSTN lines from the telco. I just want to add PBX functionality to the phone system and use IP phones.

Thanks to any and all who can help!!

The simple answer is yet Asterisk can run with just analogue lines connected to it. I assume you will use IP telephones internally?

You’ll need something like a Digium TDM400P with four FXO daughter boards. This will give connection for 4 inbound analogue lines.

ATAs are used for internal analogue phones, although there are equivalent devices for the exchange side.

A genuine Digium card is likely to be the lowest hassle solution (you will get support from a company that understands Asterisk inside out) if you use 4 analogue exchange lines.

Many people would use a pure IP solution, letting an external supplier interface them to the PSTN (which would be done on a digital connection, not an analogue one, but that is an implementation detail that is only relevant in as much as it allows more services to be passed through to the SIP side).