Can a call through asterisk be transfered to an analog set?


Am running asterisk on an Intel PC with a Digium Wildcard TE120P card. I have created an IVR system to answer all calls that come through the Digium card; is it possible to transfer the call to a traditional analog phone without using a switchboard? How can i make this happen i.e PSTN > Digium Card > Ethernet > Analog Phone?


You may use an ATA like the Linksys SPA 2102.


Marco Bruni

Cool!..Thanx. Got one and now its working perfectly

Hi kimotho & mbruni,

If you’re wanting to use more than one analog phone, consider the SPA8800 PSTN VoIP gateway which provides 4 FXS ports and 4 FXO ports. It also allows trunking of the FXO ports so you can over subscribe the PSTN lines.
I wrote an application note on deploying the SPA8800 in an Asterisk environment. It is available at:

The SPA8800’s data sheet is located here:



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