How to "link" asterisk to an analog line


I’m learning how to install/configure the asterisk on a server, but I have an doubt… I know that I can make calls - voip-to-voip, what about voip-to-analog or analog-to-voip?

What do I need to have? I read somewhere that there are PCI cards (FXS and FXO) to convert analog to digital line, right?

One more question… I need one line per call (voip-to-analog or analog-to-voip)? If I make two calls and receive two calls too, I need 4 lines?

I know that this maybe a dumb question, but I’m in the start… please be patient.

Thanks in advance! :smile:

You are right. If you want 2 incomming and 2 outgoing calls - you will need 4 “cards”.
There are Cards from Digium (and not only) which can accept up to 24 lines
May be there are even more lines per card. There are some limits - one computer - one card. Or you can have troubles.
At least few years ago when I “played” with those cards, there were limits.
And there are E1 / T1 cards which allow through one line to have up to 30 channels (calls).