IVR & Call Group Issue


I am a first time user of Asterisk which has been a great learning process! I was on my final stage today of building a Asterisk PBX (Asterisk Now 6.12) but ran into a complication with IVR going to a Call Group which I think is related either to me mis-using the incorrect feature or not understanding the IVR options correctly. My calls come in via a inbound route that performs a time condition check and if the time condition check passes it puts the call to the IVR, the IVR plays a message and allows for direct extension dialling. If the user makes no selection after the timeout of the IVR (which I have set to 5 seconds) the IVR has been setup to pass the call to a call group, however when the call group rings it rings the first phone once it the call group and hangs up (the extension being rung shows one missed calls). I am not sure what information you need to be able to help so please feel free to let me know.

I have tried the call group and extensions individually taking the IVR out of the equation and the same issue does not occur.


You are talking about constructs synthesised on top of Asterisk by FreePBX. Peer support for FreePBX is provided at http://community.freepbx.org/