Group Ring Calls hanging up soon after being answered

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read this post. I am having a REAL problem we had someone install a Asterisk based IVR which has run fine up until 2 days ago. Basically, a person dials a specific number which then goes to a greeting “Thank You for calling please hold while we locate a rep” then music then it sends a group ring signal ringing about 8 phone lines in our office.

Lately, when we pick up the phone it will hang up on everyone (I mean there could be one of us on the phone or 5 of us on phones) and it will just hang up on everyone at the same time :frowning: We can’t seem to complete ONE call… and our customers (which are alot) are assuming we are hanging up on them.

The gentleman we hired to set it up is unavailable… is there anything anyone can suggest may be the problem?



That sounds like it is crashing. Which version are you using?

Please note that, as of yesterday, there will be no new official bug fixes for versions prior to 1.8, except, in some cases, for security related ones.

If it is not a 1.8.x version, the first step would be to make sure it is the latest version within its branch (1.2.x, 1.4.x, 1.6.0.x, 1.6.1.x or 1.6.2.x).

If it is a 1.8.x version, you should still do any possible upgrade, but if you have the technical skills, it is worth preparing a proper bug report.

David55 first THANK YOU! for responding. Update wow, what version double wow :frowning: Ok, the only REAL think I have figured out here is how to logon with winscp where I have all the folder listings… Is there a spot there that lets me know what version I am using?

Thanks again

You haven’t even reached Asterisk, then. Once you get a shell prompt, type:


and, with a bit of luck, the opening banner will give you the version.

Then use quit to exit.

It is going to be difficult if you have no experience of LInux/Unix.