Help about 10 sec silent between IVR and calling AND Queue


i have little problem with my IVR. My costumer said to me that he want IVR with some sounds and when people use digits he want next ivr with some informations more and next call to group telephones. OK i did it but when IVR is coming to next IVR all is okay, information continueas around 5 sec and after it i have 10 sec quiet… after this 10 sec call is starting to group. I don’t know why.
I really dont understand my problem, because in IVR i have all times change to 0 for fast calling.

Secound problem is with Queue. I have 2 extensions in 1 group calling. this same what with IVR up.
When i change in Extension Busy: Queue 500 and if somebody is calling more to this group Queue is starting with information about busy after it, is countdown ( what is your number in queue ) and forexample, if sombody hangup talk, Queue is not coming to free telephone. Still is saying in handset “You are first in queue, please wait for your turn”. Nothing to do…

Can sombody help me with thats problems?? Please.

btw. Sorry for my bad english :confused:


So Can somebody help me about my problem? I’m Still waiting for your answers

I couldn’t understand either question well enough to answer.

As IVR is not an Asterisk term, I wonder if you are really asking about an Asterisk Web GUI, possibly FreePBX, in which case you want the forum at

Also, if you ask two questions in one thread, you are only likely to get one of them answered.