Is this possible(mysql remote database for asterisk)

I have 2 server2. Server A is Suse 9 and it has asterisk,apache php, mysqlclient.Server B has Mysql database server. Server A connects to the mysql database server(Server B). I can now access the database of asterisk in server B while I’m on the terminal of Server A. I’m having troubles using the realtime functions of asterisk. I cannot install/compile the asterisk-addons. It this possible; Can asterisk to a connections on the server B?I have installed the mysql-connector in Server A. But still asterisk can’t connect to the remote database. If this possible, how am I going to this one. Please help me.


Btw I wanted my setup to be like this.

MysqlDatabase server—>asterisk(with apache,mysqlclient)—>DMS or TDM server.

Or can I do this setup?

MysqlDB server(apache,php)—>asterisk(mysqlclient)—>DMS

What would be the parmeters/confg files to change?Are there any special action I have to make?

Please advise. Thank you very much