Setting-up mysql database for asterisk

Hi there!!
Is there anybody can help me install mysql database for asterisk.My options would be installing the database on the different server and asterisk would be on the other this possible?SO, I could have load balancing on the servers.Or it can resides on the same server. Please help.Any documentation.Are there any steps to follow?And what would be the dependencies on the OS side. Thank you very much.I’m using asterisk 1.2.9 on suse 10.1


Some info here on how to

you can check one of my post

I have some problem with that, and until now I didn’t solve it. I also use the suse 10.1 asterisk 1.2.6. another machine runs suse 9.3 and asterisk 1.2.9, but both doesn’t work. If you can help me please give me some hits.