Asterisk realtime with remote database

Hi, I would like to ask how will I configure my asterisk to be in the realtime mode using external database like mysql. What I mean here is that the asterisk server has its own server and mysql will have its other server. Can I use the res_odbc.conf or the res_mysql.conf. Please help me. and are there any documentation on setting up asterisk with extenal database?

Thank you in advance.

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It’s all on the wiki, I’ve done it with mysql through ODBC and it works fine.

ALSO! There is a lot of very important info on this in the text files under the doc/ directory of the asterisk source! Be sure to go through realtime.txt and extconfig.txt in that directory.

Make sure at every step that what you’re doing applies to 1.4!

Good luck, but it’s surprisingly easy.

Good luck, but it’s surprisingly easy.

I’m not so sure about… i followed the tutorial and my asterisk does load the extensions from database.

Have you some hint about this?