Is the "qualifyfreq" used?

Hello all,

For the past 3 days I’ve been battling something very strange that it’s related to the attribute qualifyfreq. I am trying to implement some custom configuration and I tryed some different values and did some testing to see how this field was used. Supposedely, and as I can understand from, it should be defining the interval that 7 requests are made to check the peer status.

By using tools like Wireshark (on Windows 7) and TCPDump (on Debian 5.0.6) I managed to understand that the qualifyfreq is only used correctly when a peer is Reachable (OK in “sip show peers”), if the peer is Unreachable, Asterisk will try for 7 times but then will not wait 60 seconds (as default), it will wait a certain value below the default value. When I say a certain value, I mean a fixed value for all the cycles but that is peer-independent, and the values that I got were 14 seconds, 24 seconds, 12 seconds and values like that.

I also tryed to change the qualifyfreq option to different values to see if Asterisk would mind looking at them but still it didn’t work. I “double-triple-multi-checked” with the “sip show peer” option.

The versions of Asterisk that I tryed were:, and Yes, I know that the qualifyfreq option is only available for 1.6.x but it comes to my understanding that the default value of 60 seconds is already present in 1.4 .
All the testing was made by using the soft-phones X-Lite and EyeBeam on Windows 7 and the application Asterisk is installed on a Debian 5.0.6.

It looks to me that the value only works for Reachable peers and not Unreachable ones. Can anyone confirm this or maybe show me what is wrong in my thinking.

Thanks and best regards,
Joel Oliveira

For anyone interested I submitted a bug on