Asterisk Options


How Asterisk is deciding how often to send OPTIONS messages when qualify option is enabled in sip.conf?

I have one peer with the folowing configuration:


I was expecting Asterisk to send OPTIONS messages every 58sec, and if it does not respond during 120 sec - make peer unreachable. But, Asterisk sends those OPTIONS every 15 sec, rather than 58 as is should be, how can i force Asterisk to send those OPTIONS once per minute, not often?
Thank You

qualify is ms, not s. It is the maximum acceptable round trip time, not the total time with no response.

I believe you will still get the normal retransmission sequence, if it doesn’t get a response. If you didn’t there would be far more complaints about false detections of failures.

Oh, yes - you’re right, actually these are the settings for this peer:


so, Asterisk should send options to this peer every 2 min, and if round-trip time is more than 58sec - consider it unavailable, is that true?

It’s going to retransmit the options several time because the low level code will time out the response.

58 seconds isn’t at all a sensible value, it is is possible that some field could overflow internally. Normally you want the round trip time to be well under 200ms.

OK, then coming back to the initial question - how can i force asterisk to send those options once per minute - not every 15 sec? And what’s more interesting - that other extension with the same sip settings are getting those options once in 30 sec, how can i adjust this time to one min?
I thought that the Phone is requesting those OPTIONS so often - but i was looking through the SIP Packets (REGISTER/SUBSCRIBE/OPTIONS) - and didn’t found any timer with this value.

I’d firstly use the CLI to make sure you are actually setting if for the peer.

However, if you are, in you want to ensure 2 minute intervals, you must ensure that the peer never goes down, the network never loses a request or response, and always responds faster than the first retransmission timeout.