I’ve done some testing and found out my router’s udp timeout is 60 seconds (Samsung iBG1000).
So if I don’t use keep-alives shorter than 60 seconds there’s a good chance I’ll lose a connection and the default qualifyfreq in asterisk is 60 seconds.
Fortunately XLite/eyeBeam uses a 30 second keep-alive.
LinkSys SPA 8000 has a configurable NAT keep-alive interval.
But I have other devices that I don’t think are as flexable.

Is there any way to upgrade AsteriskNow/1.5 (which uses asterisk/1.4.24) to do qualify more often than 60 seconds?
I know asterisk/1.6 has a qualifyfreq option.
I’ve seen a patch here voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+sip+qualify but I hate trying to recompile stuff.
How easy would it be to upgrade to asterisk/1.6 or would FreePBX blow up?


How about qualify=60000 for 60 seconds?

qualify is the timeout applied by Asterisk, not the interval between retries.

If 1.4.x doesn’t support an interval between tests, you will need to change the Asterisk source code (or the router).