Is it possible to implement astersk in shared hosting

I would like to know if is possible to install asterisk to my share hosting ?


I’m sure if you worked at it really hard you could. I would highly recommend against it.

Does ‘shared hosting’ mean something other than ‘not a dedicated server’ to you?

We’re running everything on ‘linodes’ and ‘nanodes’ with excellent results. No tweaking, just plain vanilla Asterisk installs. Our needs are not great. 25 simultaneous calls is busy for this project – but I suspect we could handle some multiple of this without issue.

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Super easy - I wrote this guide for Ubuntu, and although I mention Digitalocean, it works just as well on AWS. Needs a bit of an update, but still works.
In fact, although you’ll want to build using at least small or medium instances, when running, an AWS nano works just fine. Ignore the bit about the firewall script - use the host’s firewall options

Yes, a shared hosting server is what you would end up on at GoDaddy or any other web hosting service out there that runs something like cPanel or Plesk, etc. You do not have root access to the machine. You do not have the ability to randomly install the needed packages at the server level for Asterisk due to your lack of access. It also means that you and N other users are all sharing the same IP for your sites unless you pay for a dedicated IP for it.

So can you do this? Sure can as long as your shared hosting environment allows you to install things locally in your home directory which then requires you to modify where Asterisk is going to install everything, as you don’t have the access to put things in normal system wide spots.

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