Setting Up Asterisk for the first time

Asterisk Setup Enviorment

  • Linux VPS Enviorment
  • Linux Dedicated Server Enviorment

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I am a web host and looking to provide telephone support to my customers. Hosted PBX and traditional pbx are a little out of my reach. i would like to know what might be the best or more praticle set up for the first time.

1.) does asterisk only function only ona dedicated server enviorment…??

2.) how would i go about setting up a connections in different locations (i.e phones and extensions)

3.) should i put this on a dedicated server on the net.??

4.) what might be the best possible phone hardware (i.e. linksys ip phones and how to connect to the server.)

What do you mean by hosted PBX out of your reach ? As far as selling it or using it ? There are plenty of solutions out there.

  1. You can use asterisk on a VPS environment but I would not recommend it. There tends to be problems with it and ztdummy).
  2. It’s not hard to learn. You can technically have one server and all locations connect to it. Setting it up should not be hard once you learn how to configure asterisk.
  3. I personally have my own PBX in a DC for all my testing and private calls. You should run in to any issues. Just make sure that the box is secured.
  4. I personally love Polycom however there are issues when you are using many of them behind NAT. My next choice would be SNOM or Linksys.

FYI: If you want a virtual PBX you can try contacting (whom I work with - just as a disclaimer :wink: )