Is Asterisk the right thing for me?

Hi guys,

i am very new to all this material and I hope that you can give me a simple YES or NO. If it’s a yes, I start reading everything that has been posted here.

This is the setup:

We use a normal PBX with 8 standard Telephones connected - all these telephones can be used to make an internal call. In addition we have a linux server running behind the BPX, which accts as a FAX-RECIEVER and as an answering-machine. All telephones can reach the server by dailing R20 or R21. Dialing R20 is used to listen to any messages recorded by the linux-answering-machine. The Server is also connected to the internet/LAN (there is a router in the LAN)

This is very easy till here. Our Problem is, that we only have two lines to the outside world. If both are used, nobody else can place an external call. If that happens (somebody picks up his phone an hears that both external
lines are used) he should then dial R21 (thus reaching the server by internal line) and than he should be able to place his call by using VOIP (SIP-ACCOUNT). That means, if the server gets called on internal Number 21, he needs to prompt the caller for a telephonenumber an should call that number by using A SIP-ACCOUNT. In addition, some telephones should use differnt SIP-ACCOUNTS (like phone 11-15 use SIP1 und 16 uses SIP2). The user should NOT be able to switch the SIP-Account to be used (this is important to be able to see on the bills who has to pay for a placed call)

Is that possible with asterisk?

John Bieling

Yes. And with Asterisk, probably even better.