Getting Started with Asterisk

I have been reading about Asterisk for a little while, and now I want to give it a test drive. If I have a Linux box running Asterisk, can I start making calls over my interenet connection? Can I make calls only to other PCs or to phones on PSTN?

You may do both. For incoming calls sign up for a number with you may put a $1 deposit down and get free calls to over 10 countries, including the US and UK.

Thanks for the reply.

What is the recommended specs for a server that will run a very basic PBX system?

Have a read of Chapter 2 of the new O’Reilly Asterisk book - available for free download here: … +Telephony

That will give you a good idea of what you need to get started.

Also, you can find a list of some (not all, by any means) internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) here: … +Providers