Internal webpage to control meetme call forwarding

hey everyone,
A salesman and I went and did a demo the otherday. The customer had seen lots of demos and asked 1 very specific question that we couldnt answer, which I am sure will result in us not getting the job. Anyway he wants to have his 3 sites connected through MPLS(no problem) but he wants to be able to go to an internal IP address and control his meetme call forwarding so if he goes to one office he can log in and have all of his office calls sent to a specific phone. Does anyone know of anything we can use with asterisk to do this?


Sorry for not being familiarized with “meetme call forwarding” - could you give more details about this feature?


the guy wants to be able to go to an internal webpage, where he can tell his phone to forward to whatever number he feels like at that time…

ok - do you have a vanilla asterisk or a FreePBX GUI?

basically you have to create a web page (like a small portal with user auth) in which a user could check or modify an Asterisk DB field. This field (lets call it CF from call forward) it is specific to each extension. Based on this field you have to create your dialplan (for a vanilla system) or to understand how FreePBX works.