Forwarding only MY calls

I’m running Asterisk and freePBX and default forwarding feature, dialing *72, allows anyone to forward calls of everybody! It would be nice for the Asterisk admin, but not for regular users, who in few minutes can do disasters, forwarding other’s extensions to whatever they want.

Is there a way of changing this? instead of asking for MY extensions number first, going straight to ask for extension where I want to send my calls to?

It may be a common question, but I didn’t find it in this forum yet.
Thanks for advance!


You can do it manually by editing Asterisk .conf files, but I think that this is not acchievable via FreePBX GUI.

Thanks… but do you have an idea how to do this? I’m new with Asterisk.

At least, I just realize that I have logs of everything, including forwarding. Easy to know when someone was doing an wrong forward. Maybe is it not bad idea to have the flexibility of forwarding lines using any extension, even from my remote softphone, when I’m not around.


One more question,

Supose I decide to keep this feature as it is now… “dangerous”, but flexible. Is there a way of changing the tone of those extensions forwarded, so each time a user pick up the phone they will know or remember that that phone is forwarded… that would be great!

Or, do we have, as administrator, to get a report of all extensions forwarded? using CLI or other way?