Call Forwarding works only for internal e CW always ON

i’m using asterisk 13.22 with freepbx 14 on a system with about 200 phone and a digium digital te (PRI) card.
i configured the system with some group, ivr and route also for call directly the endpoint from external.

the feature codes work only when an internal phone call another internal but not from outside.

if i set a call forwardind unconditionally or busy if a receive a call from another internal endpoint that call is forwarded regolarly but if i receive a call from an external number it doesn’t works.

i have also a problem with the call waiting configuration. i have disabled on all the phone via feature codes, via bulk handler or freepbx gui ma this remain alway enabled.

i think that the two problems could be linked but i lost myself seraching the solution.
i don’t have particular configuration and only few lines in the extension_custom.conf.

exten => _668200XXX,1,NoOp(inbound aggiungo 0)
exten => _668200XXX,n,Set(CALLERID(num)=0${CALLERID(num)})
exten => _668200XXX,n,Dial(PJSIP/${EXTEN:-3},T)

Can anybody help me ?

thanks thanks thanks a lot :grinning:

I’d suggest visiting the FreePBX forum[1] instead as what you are talking about is under the control of FreePBX.


They did and actually it’s not. Their incoming context is what they posted. They are immediately dialing the endpoint without doing any validation on it such as checking status or AstDB entries of things.

Basically this bypasses anything that FreePBX would do before attempting to dial endpoints.

That’s your problem.

If you want the FreePBX functionality of their extension handler you need to use their extension handler.