Integrating * and Toshiba DK 16 with 2 lines from CO

Hello All,

I am sold on * and all it can offer (IVR, vmail, follow me, etc…etc…) and I’m comfy with my pc h/w, linux skills, etc. Where I lack is the telco hardware piece.

I am seeking assistance in the design of my plan…

I am wanting to integrate * into an already existing environment that includes:
[ul]- 3 lines coming from the CO (1 line is dedicated to fax/dsl)
[/ul][ul]- Toshiba DK 16[/ul][ul]- 5 devices[/ul]

I prefer to put the Toshiba in “dumb” mode with * in front of the Toshiba and the Toshiba just managing the devices. It would look like this:

I can leave the fax/dsl line in the Toshiba and only worry about the voice lines for now.

So…Do I need a TDM400P? and specifically what # of FXO and? FXS?

I assume 2 FXO (for the 2 voice lines coming from CO).
I assume 2 FSX (or can multiple calls travel over 1 FSX to/from the Toshiba/devices?)

So the design would look like this:


OR is there no need for FSX, does the FXO line handle the 2-way communication between * and the Toshiba/devices?

OR, am I completely off base and need a T1 interface card (TE110P) between * and Toshiba?..but then the 2 lines from the CO would have to go to the Toshiba and the Toshiba would have to send all calls to * then * back to Toshiba/devices.

OR have I just confused myself by over thinking this???

Much thanks in advance.

To me you can strip off the question mark, as the setup seems correct.


Marco Bruni

WOW!!! Thank for the quick confirmation…and I’m shocked my reading paid off…thanks to all for posting on this forum…great resource!!!