Advice for DK40 Voicemail and IVR


The phone system where I work is on the outs and I’ve been tasked to get it up and running well again. Here is the current setup:

We have a Toshiba DK40 that all of our Toshiba DK2010-SD phones connect to. We also have a Stratagy 6 Lite Voicemail system. The DK40 and phones are working great, but the Stratagy box is intermittent.

I would like to replace the Stratagy box with a Linux box running Asterisk and configure Asterisk for a very simple voicemail and IVR setup.

To integrate the Asterisk system with the DK40, I need to connect the two somehow, but I’m not sure how.
Currently the Stratagy is connected to the DK40 using a Rhetorex Quartet voice card (ISA) which has 2 ports, each capable of handling 2 phone lines. I believe this means that it is connected with 4 analog phone lines. As much as I’d like to be able to take out the Rhetorex card and put it in the new Linux box running Asterisk, I don’t think that’s feasible because the new Linux box probably won’t have an ISA slot (and I’m not sure about the Rhetorex support inside of Asterisk).

So, to supplement what the Rhetorex card is doing now I think what we need to connect the DK40 and the Asterisk box is a 4-port FXO card (like the TDM04B). I also understand that the option for a T1 card is out there, but it is too expensive. Is my understanding correct, or do we need some other hardware?

Here is the diagram I have in my head for the connections:

(Phone company)(FXS) <---> (FXO)(DK40)(FXS) <--> (FXO)(Asterisk)
                                        -------> (FXO)(DK2010 phones)

Is this correct?
If so, does anyone have any recommendations besides the TDM04B?

(BTW, I also looked at the option of installing modems with Intel chipsets to be the FXO devices, but it seemed a bit flaky.)

Finally, from what I understand the Asterisk system is capable of replacing both the Stratagy and DK40, but we will have to purchase new phones since the DK2010’s only work with the DK40, is this correct?

Thank you very much for your time.

I think I found part of this answer in topic 8571:

Where IronHelix pointed out that:

[quote]yes you can put FXO cards in the * box, and then connect them to extension ports on the toshiba. When asterisk wants to dial an extension on the toshiba, it will pick an FXO port that is free and dial the exten. Toshiba will be ‘dumb’ and do nothing but ring until call stops, no VM, no IVR, etc.
Asterisk will turn MWI lights on and off by using FXO ports and dialing feature codes to turn lights on/off. [/quote]

I’m still looking for TDM04B alternatives.

Also, if anyone could speak to the ease of using Asterisk as a Voicemail Onlhy system, I’d appreciate it.