So here’s what I’m planning on doing…

What I have hardware wise is:
2 x Cisco 7960
1 x Cisco 7912
1 x Gentoo Linux “Unused” Server (2.6 Kernel) (1.8ghz, half gig ram, 3 free pci, etc)

I have a “standard phone line” coming into the house currently that i’d like to use.

What hardware do I need to add to the linux box to work with this config? I have a pretty heavy unix background with a spattering of networking skills (routers/firewalls and cableing mostly). I have zero telephony and voip background.

At this point I assume I’ll need a FXO, but after looking at the hardware page, I’m not really sure what I should be going with. A suggestion on a specific model of hardware and why that would be a good choice would be handy. Do I only need a FXO?

I need to be able to make incoming and outgoing calls and route calls around that come in. Sometime in the future here I’d like to connect up to broadvoice also, but that’s not an immediate issue.

I’ve browsed and searched the forums a bit and I’m really not getting enough solid information to feel comfortable making a purchase of anything at this point, so I’m just looking for a bit of direction.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you are just going to use 1 line from your phone company you would just need a TDM01B card. It comes with 1 FXO port but can also be expanded for future growth.