Integrating * and Toshiba DK 16

Hello All,

I am sold on * and all it can offer (IVR, vmail, follow me, etc…etc…) and I’m comfy with my pc h/w, linux skills, etc. Where I lack is the telco hardware piece.

I am seeking assistance in the design of my plan…

I am wanting to integrate * into an already existing environment that includes:
[ul]- 3 lines coming from the CO (1 line is dedicated to fax/dsl)
[/ul][ul]- Toshiba DK 16[/ul][ul]- 5 devices[/ul]

I prefer to put the Toshiba in “dumb” mode with * in front of the Toshiba and the Toshiba just managing the devices. It would look like this:

I can leave the fax/dsl line in the Toshiba and only worry about the voice lines for now.

So…Do I need a TDM400P? and specifically what # of FXO and? FXS?

I assume 2 FXO (for the 2 voice linescoming from CO).
I assume 2 FSX (or can multiple calls travel over 1 FSX to/from the Toshiba/devices?)

So the design would look like this:


OR is there no need for FSX, does the FXO line handle the 2-way communication between * and the Toshiba/devices?

OR, am I completely off base and need a T1 interface card (TE110P) between * and Toshiba?..but then the 2 lines from the CO would have to go to the Toshiba and the Toshiba would have to send all calls to * then * back to Toshiba/devices.

OR have I just confused myself by over thinking this???

Much thanks in advance.

I have the same question about a Toshiba pbx also. I’d appreciate if someone could post an answer.