Installing new phone


I’m trying to install a new polycom phone but every time i get the same error messages:

-ERROR[5414]: netsock2.c:303 ast_sockaddr_resolve: getaddrinfo("2425-27f50f99fec5d5fe922b899e2f71b54b", "(null)", ...): Name or service not known
- WARNING[5414]: chan_sip.c:6126 create_addr: No such host: 2425-27f50f99fec5d5fe922b899e2f71b54b

CLI: sip show peers

2425-219b7cd306df95681ed1      D  Yes        Yes            5060     Unmonitored 

I’m using Asterisk 13.1.0 on Debian.

It looks like it is successfully installed and i can call other polycoms from the new polycom but if i try to call the new polycom I get the above error messages.

Can anyone help me please?


I think the same:

Thank you for your reply, but there are about 15 other polycoms successfully installed and working. I can’t understand why the other polycoms are working. The settings in the new phone are identical to other polycoms.

The settings are automatically downloaded from a FTP server.

Does someone know what to do?