[Help] Polycom 601 and Asterisk - How to test, verify


I’ve been hammering away with a Poly601 today. Got Asterisk to build properly and run, the Poly601 to update from FTP, etc.

However, how can I test the phone to Asterisk communication with only just the one phone and no outgoing lines?

I.e. this is what I have

Fedora Core 5 x86-64 running latest stable Asterisk
Polycom IP 601 w/ SIP

Both connected to the same gigabit switch and not using DHCP.

Linux box is at
Poly 601 is at

Here are the relevant snippets from sip.conf, extensions.conf, and voicemail.conf

callerid=“Emgee” <101>

exten => 101,1,Macro(extensions,Sip/101,101)
exten => 611,1,Answer()
exten => 611,n,Echo()

101 => 1234,Emgee

At the *CLI if I type ‘sip show peers’ I see

Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Port Status
101/polycom 5060 OK (75 ms)
1 sip peers [1 online , 0 offline]

Does that indicate that my Poly IP 601 has successfully registered with Asterisk?

If I dial 611 on the phone the echo thing does nothing. Trying to dial the mailbox, does nothing.

I read that on the Poly that the phone icon should be solid black if it is registered; the icon on my phone is still just an outline.

I’ve rebooted the phone and restarted Asterisk and same situation.

I’ll be reading some more online, digging through stuff… but if anyone here can help me out it would greatly speed things up :smiley:

Thank You!


It looks registered to me. I have Polycom 500s and most of the phones are somewhat the same. There should be a menu button on your phone (my menu button is to the right), select it and then select status and then select lines. Then look and see if it says Registered. Again, asterisk states it is registered already on the CLI.

Hopes this helps some.


Hi again,

Oh, as a suggestion you may want to try a softphone to test out your polycom like XLite softphone (free) or SIPPS softphone (totally free for 30 days). This will give you an opportunity to test out your phone.



Thanks for the suggestions.

When I check the status on the phone for Line 1, it says it is unregistered. I assume something on the phone side (configuration isn’t done right or is missing)???


Yep, that’s what it was. The phone wasn’t registered.

On the phone I had to configure Line 1 with the proper credentials (as set in sip.conf).

Now it’s registered and works.

Onto some more experimentation.