Polycom IP501 HELP!

Ok, I have AsteriskNow installed on my server along with a Digium TE121P card. Everything seems pretty self-explanatory for the most part, except I am having a heck of a time getting these phones to work! Here’s the scenario:

The *NOW server is on my Lan, and the Polycom phones are plugged into the same LAN. The Server has a DHCP reservation, so it always gets the same IP. The polycom phones are picking up their local IP from my DHCP server. (Windoze 2003)

After the phone gets its IP it just says: Could not connect to boot server

I’ve logged into the web interface as well as the config of the phone itself and tried to manually set the SIP server, SIP user, password etc. to no avail.

From my understanding and everything I’ve read *NOW is supposed to provide “one-touch” Polycom auto-provisioning, but I can seem to find anything in the GUI to provision phones. I uncommented a few lines in the config, and now a “provisioning” tab appears, but there’s only one option, the URL of the provisioning server.

I’ve upgraded to the most recent version of *NOW, so I’m not sure what everyone is talking about. Can someone confrim or deny the availablity of a provisioning module in *NOW for Polycom?

Any ideas where I am going wrong? Any guidance would be great!

I dont know whether or not provisioning is in AsteriskNOW but I can tell you that you must also add a reference to the boot server in your DHCP scope options (I think its option 66) so the phone knows where to pick up its configuration.

Polycom 500/501 phones need to have a TFTP or FTP server that can feed them their configurations. They’ll need to be able to download their configurations every time they boot up.

For convenience, you might try to build the server into your *Now server, but it’s probably better if you have a different one.