Installation Beginnner

Good Morning,

I work in an enterprise that wolud like to use a PBX Asterisk. I have a T300 Dell Server to use with this application.
I have 17 telephone lines at my actual PBX and I think all of this line is analogic line.
I don`t know the start point, I have very difficulty to understand what is need.

I see that exists 2 versions of asterisk one is a visual version called (Asterisk now) and another not visual. in the first I don`t need to install linux and the other yes?

Another question is about the devices is necessary to buy I need FXO board only?

excuse me for my poor english…

Thanks for all

Asterisk Now is not a visual version of Asterisk, it is an installer for:

  • an OS and needed packages;
  • Asterisk;
  • FreePBX, a web based GUI that uses Asterisk to do the low level stuff.

At least at one time, I believe there was on option of not installing FreePBX.

FreePBX will limit your ability to use the full power of Asterisk, and you will need to use their forums, rather than this one, for support.

Besides the information David gave you…

If you have to ask these questions, do you think its wise to start with a project where you change the setup of your, or the companies, means of communication?

I started at home, with an old computer and an x100p card.

Its great to learn how and what you can do with Asterisk, but not with the companies means of communication.

Just my 2 cents.