I'm New here , I need your help

Hello All
I’m new here and this is my first topic
i’m very interested in Open source pbx

How i can start
where i can start readind and installing the software

can any one help me


Heeeeeeeeeeeelp :open_mouth:

First, you post to the wrong forum, second I suggest you read this good free book about Asterisk: downloads.oreilly.com/books/9780596510480.pdf .


Marco Bruni

Thank you very much for your help

Sorry i posted it in the wrong Fourm

can i ask a question
in which protocol the soft phone works with the Linux Server AsteriskNow

Thanks in Advance :stuck_out_tongue:

AsteriskNOW should support the same protocols as Asterisk, so at least SIP and IAX.


Marco Bruni

Please , one question
what the difference between Asterisk and asteriskNow
and which is better to start with


Heeeeelp :unamused:

From the AsteriskNOW site:


Marco Bruni

AsteriskNow is Asterisk pre-packaged into a complete system, including a GUI configuration package.

I would strongly advise starting with plain asterisk. Once you have familiarised with that, you should be able to get better productivity from a GUI, for simple cases, but you will better understand its limitations, and better be able to debug the system when it goes wrong.

putty is the tool, which provide to connect linux OS through SSH.

If you need to learn more about asterisk, read the asterisk book. or I knew one person email id. he will help you out. you can mail him on ketu007_in@yahoo.com. He will help you out.

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