One of my client has asked me a specific configuration for asterisk.

He wants a complete ready to use asterisk CD install based on DEBIAN.

let’s say a “asterisk@home” like but with no CRM.

The system will have to implement all needed packages and databases and prompts all needed passwords during the install process.

You should download xorcom rapid on . It’s a ready to use, debian based asterisk distribution. With 10 sip and 10 iax peers a meetme room and a lot more it’s a good starting point to custimize it to all your wishes.


You can try ST-PBX: … o?download

It’s a Debian Live CD with option to install into HD.

I’m Adrian Lazar manger on Zigosoft Romania. Our experience with VOIP (particular with call centers and asterisk) is very large. Our team is very specialized on Linux, networking, Voip (Asterisk), software development. We work with big clients from Italy, England, Germany and Egypt. We can provide for you all the technical support that you need. If you are interested on our activity please let me know.
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I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned voiponcd yet. You can read a small review at my blog here and here, or go to their site directly.

Still needs some work but development is going fast!