Any preinstalled Asterisk ready to go VM for bewbies?

i want to learn Asterisk, Is there any virtualbox image of asterisk preinstalled in it , so i just download and start practicing on it ?
its too complcated to setup an os and then go through all the pre reqs and then coimplie and install…
I am finding it too to make an asterisk 16 installed in centos 7 to follow the book that i ma reading “the definitive guide to asterisk”


If you are comfortable, we can have a WhatsApp call.

sudo apt-get install asterisk

should do it for most distros, or at least Debian and its derivatives.

As far as I can see, that would NOT install the music on-hold, they are in a separate package, and does not appear to be a dependency of the asterisk package.

No big deal though, just

apt install asterisk-moh-opsound-wav

And you’re set.

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