Multitenant PBX job

Dear community,

I am happy to work with asterisk, the best Voip development platform ( I work with others platforms as well ) !
But, Is there are automated installation procedures for the preconfigured asterisk except upload/compile/configure ?

 Main goal - is creating  yet another hosted PBX solution,  call distribution   functions, predictive dialer and mobile app.  

All PBX functions automated and friendly, (example: creating extension - two steps : Click “New”, and click “Save”), creating tenant - also in two steps .

Currently, I maintain Asterisk multitenant project with modern GUI, and looking for related job or project investors.

regards, George

Most major Linux distributions have asterisk available in their native package format ( .dpkg / .rpm ) or available via third party repositories.

You could always create your own packages if you do not want to use those.

thank you.
I will try rpm, there is post-install script can install DB, unpack config files and take care about WEB files .
however, it’s not easy to get own repository after the first look.