Indications.conf for Ireland (Republic of)

If someone has come up with an entry I would really appreciate it. Even a similar country that I could use in its place would be helpful now. I found a good resource that has the Ireland tone parameters but I don’t feel confident about converting it to indications.conf & can’t find a near match:

Busy tone - 425 0.5 on 0.5 off
Dial tone - 400//425//450 continuous
Pay tone - 12000 0.12 on
Ringing tone - 400+450//425 0.4 on 0.2 off 0.4 on 2.0 off
Route tone - 425 0.06 on 0.06 off
Special information tone - 950/1400/1800 3x0.33 on 1.0 off
Call waiting tone - 425 0.18 on 0.20 off 0.20 on 4.50 off

The use of “/” isn’t entirely clear, but it looks to me as though this is specifying several alternatives, except for SIT. Some combinations may not be possible. I’d suggest getting an specrogram (FFT) type app and seeing what tones your provider is actually using.

thanks @david551 - that’s a good idea but the tones don’t have to be compatible with telecomm equipment: only human callers’ perceptions of the expected ring & engaged tones for dialling an Irish telephone number. That’s why a near match would work so I am hoping an Asterisk admin in Ireland will “chime in” on this question.

e.g. I will have cobbled together something usable if I can translate the lines above and just take the average 425Hz for the ring tone frequency.


with an alternative version of


The second version is as per the UK.

thanks, this is the definition we settled on; any contributions or corrections welcome:

description = Ireland
; Reference:
dial = 400+450
busy = 425/500,0/500
; MAYBE ring = 400+450/400,0/200,400+450/400,0/2000
ring = 425/400,0/200,425/400,0/2000
callwaiting = 425/180,0/200,425/200,0/4500
; set same as busy tone
congestion = 425/500,0/500
; set same as dial tone
dialrecall = 400+450
; 15ms pauses as appearing in [uk] entry
info = 950/330,0/15,1400/330,0/15,1800/330,0/1000
; also from [uk] entry:
ringcadence = 400,200,400,2000
record = 1400/500,0/60000

If you want these in the official distribution, you will need to complete a contributor licence (fairly easy if you agree to the terms), and submit the change, as a unified diff patch, via

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An overview of patch contribution is available here:

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thanks to you both; I’ll contribute what I have as soon as it’s validated with our phone users in that area.