Generating Indications.conf for OM

HI, I have a problem that when I get a call from external line the trunk which connects through an ATA to the pbx , If the party on the external trunk hangs up , asterisk doesnt know if the call is hanged. From my reading I found that I have to update my indications.conf accroding to my country

I have got the setting for my country to be as follows

Oman (Sultanate of) Busy tone - 425 0.5 on 0.5 off
Congestion tone - 425 0.5 on 0.5 off
Dial tone - 425 continuous
Intrusion tone - 425 0.5 on 0.17 off 0.17 on 0.17 off
Ringing tone - 425 0.4 on 0.2 off 0.4 on 2.0 off
Special information tone - 950/1400/1800 3x0.33 on 1.0 off
Call waiting tone - 425 0.3 on 1.0 off

Can some one help with the conversion of it something that asterisk can read?
the congesion and call waiting is easy for me but the others not

You would be incorrect. Asterisk does not use the indications.conf to determine if the remote side has hung up for an ATA. It’s up to the ATA to tell Asterisk it has happened.

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Thanks for this information. Any how can you confirm if the follwoing is the correct values for OM in idications.conf?

dial = 425
busy = 425/500,0/500
ring = 425/400,0/200,425/400,0/2000
congestion = 425/500,0/500
callwaiting = 425/300,0/1000
; DIALRECALL - not specified
; dialrecall = not specified
; RECORDTONE - not specified
;record = 1400/80,0/15000
info = 950/330,1400/330,1800/330,0/1000

I have no idea about that.

The encoded tones match the descriptions you provided. Incidentally, info is an international standard, should be the same everywhere.

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