Incoming calls dial multiple numbers single button press

I am running Asterisk 1.4.24 on voyage 0.5

The problem is hard to try and search for. When I call in and get our menu, i try and dial my extension 110, in the CLI is shows i tried to dial extension 11100 and tells me its an invalid extension.

Does anybody know about this issue and a way to resolve it? It doesn’t do this from internal phones and this was not an issue when we were on previous versions of 1.4.

This might be an issue with just mobile phones as well. Trying to investigate.

This issue was caused by both inband and DTMF sending number info. While the inband was sending the keys pressed DTMF was leaking making the system think the number was being pressed. These seemed to be generated by GSM mobile phones on AT&T.

Used this to help the situation in sip.conf