Cannot read exensions over 1 digit

Having a problem with incoming calls being tranfered to an extension. If we dial in through our provider only single digit button presses are recognized. If we dial into the same context from inside our phone system the voice menu system accepts the 3 digit extensions we have set on our phones (2XX) and connects the call to the extension dialed. When dialing from outside the CLI gives an errror saying there is no extension 2 when 205 was keyed in.

Basically our phone system can only hear single digit extension when dialed through via:talk.

Is this a DTMF problem or something else?

via:talk uses inband with ulaw, gsm. I have read there can be issues with inband.

Please help if you have any idea of what to do.


As I suspected it was a DTMF problem. Inband DTMF does not work for some reason. I call via:talk and we changed over to rfc2833 and viola everything started working just as it should.

So if you are having problems with dialing into your Asterisk system and getting the tones heard, try another DTMF mode.