Wrong in DTMF!

hello, asteriskers:
i am install asterisk1.2 and digium card in my server. i am facing a problem with DTMF tone. when i input some number like 12345, the system shows 1234 or 234. most of time, asterisk generates wrong number. i set relaxdtm in conf file. Does anyone has an idea for that problem? please give me a hint!

i noticed this after a recent upgrade except that it manfiests itself on the e&m wink trunk that carries our dedicated long distance

the string for the call is sent via dtmf … its *<10 digit ANI>DNIS

so a call from 423-555-1212 to say 800-555-1212 which was assigned a DNIS of 4321 would be sent to me as :

sometimes we see the digits , sometimes we dont - we get random combinations that the system just plays no service for … nice :smile:

i just performed a recent upgrade of all packages , then it started happening

asterisk 1.2.22
zaptel 1.2.19
libpri 1.2.5

not sure what 1.2.23 addresses yet