Inbound calls on FXO not working

Hi Guyz

I have been trying to figure out the issue with the inbound calls on my FXO. The calls never hit asterisk, i am unable to see any message when i run level 10 debugs/verbosity.
My outbound calls using the same port works just fine. I opened the case with digium i have TDM410P card, but they asked me to contact my telco and they can’t help on the issue.
Not sure what to try next, I am going to rebuild the whole system again tonight but i am sure it wont change anything. Appreciate if someone else can suggest me something.

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Without logs of the hardware states of the line, I don’t see how one can give you advice that hasn’t already been given.

It rather sounds as though the PSTN operator is not applying ringing current to the line, in which case the fault lies entirely with them. What happens if you attached a simple analogue phone directly to the line?

When i connect the phone directly to PSTN line it works normally.


I may be able to help you, but I’ll need to number for the case that you opened with Digium technical support so I can review the information they already gathered.

When I’ve seen problems with ring detection in the past it was due either to the card believing it was operating in the wrong country (invalid opermode setting) or, in one case, a bug in the driver that was failing to detect enough voltage crossings (see DAHLIN-298).


Thanks Shaun, that will be great.

Case number is 00373062. I will go through the provided URL and see if i can get it working.


I spoke with Digium’s support department, and my understanding is someone should be contacting you again.

Let me know if updating versions or setting the opermode for your country helped.



This issue is resolved. You should have received details notes about our troubleshooting on the support case that we have open.

Thank you

Denis Martinez
CCS Support Supervisor.

I opened an issue, DAHLIN-332 for this, which contains the patch that resolved the issue on dar123’s machine. I’ll close out that issue when the fix is in a release of DAHDI. I expect it should be in the next released version.