WCFXO and Telephone Pickup


I have a single port FXO card that also has a standard telephone plugged in. I have configured () to ring the line for 10 seconds and then direct straight to VM. The problem is that if we pickup the phone within the 10 seconds, we can talk to the other person, but the VM still cuts in. How can I stop this please so that () knows that the call has been answered ?


try playing with the callprogress setting?

Alternatively you can get an FXS port and plug all the phones in via that. Thus when you answer the phone, asterisk knows the call is answered and the call goes via Asterisk.

I think you are talking about X100P or a clone. Not sure if we are seeing the same problem. Does your VM always kick in shortly after you pick up the phone, or it happens at random occasions and intervals? Do you also hear your VoIP phone ring?

I don’t use VM, but from my experience and others’, if you pick up (or even dial) from the phone connected to the “Phone” jack on the card, the FXO port monitoring the “Line” jack will sometimes detect false “ring” condition. I have heard no solution to this, and found no cause of the the false detection. As of now, the only “solution” seems to be not using the “Phone” jack.

Thanks all. Yeah I think I shall look at getting a TDM11B - 1 FXO 1 FXS. Will this do the job then ?

I just remembered my line splitter ($3-$5). So I attached the splitter to the line, attach my old phone to one port on the splitter so it doesn’t have to go through X100P. The annoying ringing seems to be gone.

A TDM11B ($250) will also work, and work better in many ways.

Oops. Spoke too quickly as the problem was and is sporadic. So $3 won’t cut it. :frowning:

Have brought a TDM11B now, so see how that goes :smile: