TDM400P / Incoming Call Problem


Asterisk WAS working fine. Connected to POTS via TDM01B.

As of today, it will not answer the ringing line. I ca make outbound calls via TDM Card/POTS line but cannot take incoming.

Watching the command line interface when calling in, NOTHING happens. Prior to today it would show it was answering call and ringing extensions.

I fear my module has been zapped by lightning but it was sunny today ???

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am thinking of ordereding another FXO module for testing.


first check the stupid stuff… unplug cable, hard boot the machine and replug cable, see if that works, also try zap show channels, zap show status, zap show channel 1, etc. Also plug a normal analog phone in and see fi it rings.

If none of that works try moving your fxo to another position on the card.

If that doesnt work you may need a new card :frowning:

Thanks IronHelix.

I tried everthing suggested and no luck. I have a new mod coming tommorow so I will try that.

If it is the card / mod, will it be under warranty? Any Digium folks here to comment? I mean, it is always going to be a possibility that some kind of spike on the line could kill the card couldn’t it?

All the best,


not sure about the warranty coverage, you should call them. I think this forum is mostly developers and users…

and yeah, a line spike can always kill a card. apc makes a series of stuff that does just this called protectnet as i recall. Alternatively any surge suppressor with a phone protection should work

I have seen a similar problem happen several times on my system.

In my case, the command line shows that the module detects the incoming call, answers it and sends it to the IVR. However, the caller only hears the ringing tone.

I have sent the modules back to digium several times and they have always replaced it without much problem.