In search of ACD software

I am looking for some acd package options to work with my asterisk servers.

I am currently running a legacy pbx (w/acd) and my asterisk server is sitting in between the legacy pbx and telco. I am looking to get rid of the legacy pbx but in order to do that I need a nice acd package to manage my call center with. I am hoping there are more choices out there then just the one I keep finding. Any help would be appreciated.


This is the wrong forum for support questons.

The Queue application in Asterisk provides ACD capabilities. If you want more than that, you need to detail your requirements.


I wasnt sure if this was technically support or not. I realize asterisk has an acd package but do they have graphical interface to manage the acd?

That is what i am specifically looking for, some kind of interface/software to manage the csrs. All I can find out there is q-suite/indosoft.

Is there anything else?

take a look on Queuemetrics