[HELP] Asterisk ACD with an existing phone system?

Hi All,

Very new to Asterisk and phone systems. My question is is it possible to use asterisk’s acd features with an existing phone pbx? We have an ESI phone system and are trying to use their ACD software but it is less than stellar :frowning: Is it possible to have an existing pbx like ESI answer the phone and then route the call to asterisk IVR/ACD so that we can have more control over the customer experience.



In a one word answer yes.

in a few more words yes but does depend on interfaces etc


Hi lan,

Thanks for the answer. Can you point me towards some good books or web pages that might help me figure this out? I have searched the web a bit but with my lack of telephony skills it gets confusing, plus there is a lot of older information out their that is misleading.



The Asterisk book:


is the best published resource.